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Western style foot massage in the North West Chicago Area
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Angels Feet Reflexology Treatment Spa, we are a high-end Spa offering the best in Reflexology treatments. Reflexology is a completely safe form of therapy, as well as being a very relaxing and pleasant experience. The purpose of a Reflexology treatment is to normalize the body muscular functioning on the feet, to help break down tension and to alleviate minor aches, pain, and soreness in the feet. Reflexology treatments also promote a soothing state of mind perfect stress reliever. It also helps bring your heart palpitation down and it also improve nerve functions and blood circulation taking oxygen supply through the body, including the brain. 

When you enter Angels Feet, your will be greeted by one of our well trained Therapist . Your therapist will then inform you or our treatments and direct you to the station where you will be receiving your treatment. The MT will bring out a fresh warm herbal scented foot soak. While you are soaking your feet the therapist will work on you on the treatable areas, which deal with reflexology. After the foot soaking is done, your MT will then proceed your feet to continue your treatment to address the trigger pointing on your feet. Lotion will be applied (feet only) and wiped off after the treatment is completed. 

Our Reflexology treatments will guarantee you to feel more relax, you will feel like you're walking on clouds at the end of your treatment. 

 We also have packages available for better pricing - ask one of us for more information.